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Product roundup: I/O and terminal blocks

Dec. 10, 2018
These workhorse modules are gaining modularity, safety, programmability and other surprising features.

Four-port serial I/O in chassis

GRV-CSERI-4 groov serial I/O module plugs into a groov Edge Programmable Industrial Controller (EPIC) chassis alongside the new groov EPIC and discrete and analog I/O modules; enables EPIC to add communication with RS-232 and RS-485 serial devices; and provides the right mix of analog, discrete and serial signals needed at any location. GRV-CSERI-4 has four, independent, isolated serial ports, supports baud rates up to 1 Mbps, and runs from -20 to 70 °C (-40 to 85 °F) and humidity (non-condensing) of 5-95%.

Opto 22

33 Devices appear as one

Backplane Ethernet Extension Protocol (BEEP) has been integrated into many of Turck's multiprotocol digital block I/O modules. BEEP allows a network of up to 33 devices (one master and 32 slaves) or 480 bytes of data to appear to the PLC as one device on one connection using one IP address. BEEP also supports drop-in device replacement, reducing downtime and costs. If the network is set up using BEEP, technicians can simply replace a slave device with a new device to keep the system online.


Intrinsic, functional safety combined

ELX compact EtherCAT I/O modules have added analog input terminals with TwinSAFE SC (single-channel) technology. These I/O are available as 12-mm-wide modules with two or four analog input channels for 4-20 mA. A single-channel terminal directly connects intrinsically safe (IS) incremental encoders, which evaluate a diagnostic NAMUR signal. ELX complies with ATEX and IECEx, and enables direct connection of intrinsically safe (IS) field devices through to Zone 0/20 based on an integrated safety barrier.

Beckhoff Automation LLC
877-TwinCAT (894-6228)

3 Configurations in one 

DBL distribution blocks offer three configurations in one product: single-pole splitter, multi-pole splitter and grouping functionality. They're modular and touch-proof, and save up to 50% on rail space. DBLs are available in five sizes from 80-400 A, and can be easily ganged together for multi-pole applications. They can be mounted on traditional, 35-mm DIN rails or directly on panels. DBL is ULrecognized, offers high flammability resistance (UL94-V0 rating), and carries a 100 kA SCCR rating (UL 1059/UL 508-A standard).


Fast connectivity, expanded bandwith

Flex 5000 I/O modules are built on a 1-Gigabit architecture with communications supporting device level ring (DLR), linear and star topologies. They're designed to operate at -40 °C to 70 °C, and their flexible architecture includes vertical and horizontal mounting, and copper and fiber media options. Removal and insertion under power (RIUP) allows replacement of existing I/O, and online change capability allows configuration of new I/O, both while the system continues to run.

Rockwell Automation

EtherCAT remote I/O for DCS

Amax-4800 industrial EtherCAT slave modules are compact and have an integrated DIN-rail mount kit for a Euro-type, pluggable terminal block with an LED indicator. They're protected by an isolation circuit, have a high-density channel design for DCSs, and support I/O formats such as isolated digital input, isolated digital output, photoMOS relay output and relay contact. An analog input module and an output module are available for data acquisition and device control.

Advantech Corp.

Modular power blocks save time

PTFIX potential distribution blocks have direct connections and a modular, tool-less design. They offer 11 color options and mounting options include horizontal and transverse positioning on 35-mm DIN rail; standard horizontal on NS 15 “mini” DIN rail; direct with flanges; and tool-free, adhesive. PTFIX's minimal footprint saves up to 50% space in cabinets. PTFIX is available in 2, 6, 12 and 18 terminal point options in 1.5-, 2.5-, 4-mm2, 2.5 mm2 with a 6 mm2 feed-in, and 4 mm2 with a 10 mm2 feed-in.

Phoenix Contact

Lever-actuated PCB connector

MCS Maxi 832 Series is reported to be the world’s first, lever-actuated PCB connector for high-power applications up to 66 A/600 V and up to 4 AWG conductors. These touch-proof connectors feature low mating forces, yet high contact forces. They also have flexible coding for quick coding changes even after installation. MCS MAXI 832 claims to offer the only completely tool-free, in-hand wiring solution for wire sizes 18 to 4 AWG. They also feature wire-to-board and wire-to-wire configurations in two- to six-pole variants.

800-DIN-RAIL (346-7245)

Compatible clips and couplers 

iR Series I/O modules use couplers that support Modbus TCP/IP and CANopen to create a modularized system that's compatible with most control systems. A patented fixture clip also makes it easy to connect to many I/O modules. iR also has a screw-less design and a flexible module assembly to avoid unnecessary nodes, while its patented iBus has strong noise resistance and efficient communications, enabling I/O status updates in milliseconds, even of more than 10 modules are used.

Weintek USA Inc.

Gateway connects HART to IIoT

HART to Ethernet Gateway System (HES) converts signals from up to 64 wired HART devices to Ethernet Modbus/TCP and HART-IP with field data viewable on any web browser via a built-in web server or a Modbus/TCP-compliant host. HES also supports HART-IP, allowing connected HART device variables, HES variables or diagnostics to be monitored. HES is available in a single-channel configuration that supports up to 16 HART devices in digital multi-drop mode or one device in a standard point-to-point, 4-20 mA loop.

Moore Industries-International Inc.

Sprint-clamp blocks

Suitable for solid or stranded wires from 28 to 12 AWG, spring-clamp terminal blocks are available in reflow-compatible designs, different colors, and with custom printing. They feature: no need for screwdrivers or other tools; wire-ready open terminal chamber; consistent connection force from spring; pluggable terminal mates with header; spring automatically adjusts to different sized wires; and gas-proof connection at terminal point.

Metz Connect

Light-guiding, push-in design 

0171 series light-guiding, push-in design (PID) I/O terminal blocks have an LED at each connection point, which is on when current is flowing. With LED light pipes integral to the terminal block assemblies, they ensure each LED is clearly visible. 0171's thin, 10-mm housing thickness allows two rows of 1.5-mm2 wire entry, while the housing thickness of 12 mm allows two rows of 2.5 mm2 I/O wire entry. Customization is available with colors, pushbuttons and printing. Rated voltage is 300 V, while rated current is 8 A/15 A.

Dinkle International

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