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Product roundup: Terminal blocks and I/O

Dec. 7, 2016
Because they're the crossroads, nexus and Grand Central Station for sensor signals and data arriving and requests and actuation instructions departing, it's a big help that I/O and terminal blocks are more flexible and capable than ever.

Compact, Remote I/O for Zone 2/Div 2

LB System remote I/O has more power in less space with high-performance, compact modules plugged into a backplane. Energy-saving power management and low-power dissipation allow maximum packing density. With the capacity to use several channels per node, LB's patrician principle is simple, while its partition enables intrinsically safe and non-intrinsically safe modules to be located directly next to each other. Simply plugged into the backplane, the partition ensures required clearance of 50 millimeters, and is inserted between two modules so no slot is lost.

I/O modules are available for non-explosive and intrinsic safety field connections, and LB modules can be inserted into any slot, enabling a mixture of I/O modules. Modules can be hot swapped. LB combines single-channel and high-availability modules with multi-channel modules to achieve maximum packing density. Configurations can be made during ongoing operation with no bus loss. Bus and power supply can be redundant with a maximum of 80 analog and 184 digital inputs and outputs.

Pepperl+Fuchs / 330-425-3555

Adjustable Busbars = LESS Install Time

Used with Wago’s new shield clamp that features an exclusive latching spring, 790 Series adjustable busbars provide excellent shield contact and performance. The adjustable carriers are available with 70-80 mm heights. Busbars can be cut to any desired length. Other advantages include: busbars pre-connected to the DIN rail adapter to cut installation time; adjustable t-connectors allow the busbar to be positioned horizontally and vertically; and flexible mounting options with carrier on one or both sides and varying heights and orientations. 

Wago Corp. / 800-DIN-RAIL

High wiring density in minimal space

PT 2,5/S-Quattro four-position terminal blocks occupy the same space as Phoenix Contact's two-position terminal blocks, which allows high wire density without sacrificing DIN rail space. Up to four 12 AWG conductors can be connected in one feed-through terminal block. The terminal blocks feature Phoenix Contact’s push-in connection technology for quick, tool-free wiring of the pre-assembled conductors. Ground terminals are also available in the same shape.

These multi-conductor terminal blocks also have a double-function shaft for easy potential distribution with plug-in bridges and large-surface marking options. Each current path can be individually tested for the terminal blocks. As part of Phoenix Contact’s Clipline complete terminal block system, PT 2,5/S Quattro accepts standard accessories and marking products, which can reduce inventory costs.

Phoenix Contact

Standard and Safety I/O COMBINED

TBPN safety block I/O module combines standard and safety inputs/outputs in one device. These IP67 hybrid modules can be adapted to specific signal requirements, and help users to save space and reduce system costs.

The safety side of the PROFINET/PROFIsafe module has two safety inputs for connecting different safety sensors. Two additional safety channels can be used either as safety inputs or outputs. The module also offers two channels of internal safety outputs that can be used to remove power to the universal discrete I/O ports, as well as to one of the IO-Link ports on the standard side of the block. Safety logic is created using the Turck safety configuration and diagnostics software tool; once programmed, device replacement is simplified by a removable memory chip housed under the protective window.

The standard side of the Profinet/Profisafe module has four universal discrete I/O ports for connecting general-purpose signals, and can switch up to 2 amps. Two of these ports can also be configured as IO-Link masters. In combination with Turck’s I/O hubs, TBIL-M1-16DXP, users can connect up to 32 additional discrete I/O points to the module.

Both the standard channels as well as an IO-Link channel of the TBPN can be disconnected for safety-related applications, considerably simplifying the wiring of auxiliary drives and valve blocks. Turck has developed the robust safety module for an extended temperature range from -40 to +70 °C. The IP65/IP67/IP69K protection types allow use in the most demanding environments.

Turck / 800-544-7769

Compact I/O expands LOgix

Allen-Bradley Bulletin 5069 compact I/O system expands capabilities of the Logix platform. With two 1-gigabit Ethernet ports, this compact I/O system scans 10 times faster than previous versions for greater productivity. The system can include as many as 31 local I/O modules without expanding, making it the ideal distributed I/O solution for high-speed information processing with the Allen-Bradley ControlLogix 5580 controller.

When used as local I/O modules with the Allen-Bradley CompactLogix 5380 controller, scheduled outputs improve I/O response time to as fast as 0.2 milliseconds. In addition, event triggers from the I/O modules provide near-instantaneous task execution.

Rockwell Automation 

Low-cost terminal blocks

Konnect-It KN Series screw-type terminal blocks meet demands of industrial environments, and are available in single-level, double-level, triple-level, sensor, mini, grounding, fuse holder and disconnect block types. Konnect-It terminal blocks and related components are economical, modular in design, and fit on a 35mm DIN rail (standard) or 15mm DIN rail (mini version). The terminal blocks are available in multiple colors, accept a wide range of wiring sizes, and most have a 100-kA SCCR rating. Available Konnect-It accessories include end brackets and covers, separators, jumpers, marking tags, top covers and label holders.

AutomationDirect / 800-633-0405

Rugged I/O for Tight Spaces

Simatic ET200AL I/O offers IP65/67 protection in a compact design that's  rugged, lightweight and easily mounted in tight spaces. Quickly configured and commissioned with Siemens TIA Portal engineering software, ET 200AL I/O is available with M8 and M12 modules, increasing channel density with more I/O points per module. It also increases distance between modules in large machines and systems. Up to 2-A actuators can be connected per module, and its has SIL2 safely trip actuators. These modules are also easily connected via Profinet and Profibus, or by integrating ET 200SP.


Cable Shield Terminals

The fasis WST Series shielding terminals provide simple, reliable, convenient grounding and interference immunity for cables requiring grounded shields. Accommodating 8-32-mm cable diameters, fasis WST terminals provide vibration-proof grounding of shielded cables. Made of hardened steel with high corrosion resistance, these durable terminals are available for mounting on busbars, TS35 DIN rail, C-profile rails or directly screw-mounted on flat surfaces. They're also ideal for industrial machinery and power equipment that requires grounded cable shields.

Wieland Electric / 800-WIELAND (943-5263)

High-Density I/O Integrates Networking

E3 I/O module platform is a set of 17 rugged, high-density I/O modules with hardened metal enclosures and powerful communications. They're  configurable using Crimson 3.0 software, and feature robust networking with redundant Ethernet ports and built-in serial communications. With one RS-485 terminal block and dual Ethernet ports that include user-selectable Ethernet modes for ring, pass through and two networks, E3 I/O can eliminate the need for added switching devices. They also offer up to 34 mixed I/O points including input/output, analog/discrete and temperature I/O for complex industrial applications. E3 I/O has wide -40 °C to 75°C operating temperatures, high shock and vibration ratings, coupled with industry certifications, including UL Class I, Division 2 listing, ATEX and IECEx approvals.

Red Lion Controls / 877-432-9908

Minimize Field-Level Cabling, Assembly

EtherCAT P system and I/O is IP 67-rated, combines ultra-fast EtherCAT communication and power in a standard four-wire Ethernet cable, and reduces wiring requirements by enabling direct power supply for both EtherCAT P slaves and connected sensors and actuators in such a way that separate power lines can be eliminated. This makes EtherCAT P the ideal sensor, actuator and measurement bus for connecting small remote I/O stations in terminal boxes and decentralizing I/O components.

A full range of EtherCAT P components in protection class IP 67 and four-wire Ethernet cables are available for the 24-V I/O level. The power supply from EtherCAT P is rated at 2x 24-V DC/3A. For connecting sensors and actuators with power supplies, users can integrate any of the wide range of well-established EP Box modules from Beckhoff in the new EPP versions for EtherCAT P. These include a variety of 4, 8 and 16-channel digital input box modules, 4, 8, 16 and 24-channel digital output modules, numerous 4, 8 and 16-channel IP 67 I/Os with combined digital inputs/outputs, and  RS232 and RS422/RS485 serial interfaces. There are also new EPP Box modules for analog input and output quantities, such as ±10V/0-20 mA, differential/absolute pressures, and data from resistance sensors, thermocouples and incremental encoders.

Beckhoff Automation / 877-TwinCAT

Wireless I/O, Cloud Connectivity

Wise-4000 2.4-G IoT wireless Ethernet I/O modules are expected to revolutionize data gathering from remote or hard-to-wire locations. Wise-4051 provides a complete wireless I/O solution, including RS-485 port, analog, and digital signal models. This combines the three core functions of data acquisition, processing, and publishing into one I/O module. Wise-4051 can be used without a gateway to provide information. With integrated digital input and RS-485 in the same module, Wise-4051 provides a flexible combination of I/O to acquire digital signal and data from Modbus/RTU slave devices. The RS-485 port can also support data log functions from Modbus/RTU slave devices with time stamp, preventing data loss compared to traditional transparent Ethernet COM ports (virtual COM of serial device server).

Wise-4051 can automatically push data to the cloud, and its Wise data logger can send time-stamped information to a Dropbox account or a private cloud depending on the configuration, while it can also buffer devices data so that, in the event of network failure, no data is lost before it is sent to the administrator. The new private server function allows the all Wise modules to push data to specific web server by the RESTful web service and MQTT protocol with WebAccess.

Advantech Corp. / 888-576-9668

100 µs safety response time

reActionOn module for ultra-fast safety applications achieves safety response times down to 100 µs. This makes it possible for time-critical sub-processes to be executed directly in I/O modules, which reduces response times by 100 times or more. No expensive special hardware is needed to use reAction, and programming is as easy as for conventional controls.

Also, reACTION module handles part of the processing, relieving controller and network, and in many cases allows them to be scaled down. Resulting savings typically outweigh the added cost of the reAction modules.


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