State of Technology Report: I/O Systems

March 23, 2015
Download this free technology report and get the latest information from connectors and cordsets to intrinsic safety and power supplies.

In this exclusive, 35-page eBook from the editors of Control you will find an exclusive collection of our best technology trends, back-to-basics tutorials and application stories on all things I/O.

The technology report is divided in three section:

  1. Trends in Technology
  2. Back to Basics
  3. Technology in Action

The entire eBook gives you the latest information from connectors and cordsets to intrinsic safety and power supplies, getting you up to speed fast on the latest developments in I/O Systems.

Control's publisher Keith Larson, reviews obstacles industry professionals face when solving I/O problems and says that incremental thinking won't help solve automation challenges. Executive Editor Jim Montague takes on power supplies and discusses how wires, cables and connectors are crucial components in I/O systems. Process control specialist John Rezabek answers why industrial couplers are not a commodity. Managing Editor Nancy Bartels reviews the latesct technology in industrial enclosures and Technical Editor Dan Hebert talks about how smarter I/O addresses many host issues.

Don't miss your opportunity to download this exclusive, 35-page eBook, where you'll find in-depth pieces by our editors and other industry experts.

Get a free copy of the I/O Systems technology report today!

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