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I/O and Terminal Blocks

Aug. 22, 2013
This Month's RoundUps Are Our Guide to the Good Stuff
MULTI-PROTOCOL ETHERNET I/OThe new BusWorks XT Series Ethernet I/O modules interface discrete I/O signals directly to an EtherNet/IP, Modbus/TCP or Profinet measurement and control system network. They feature dual Ethernet ports, removable, front-facing terminal blocks and support for a rail power bus. Two models offer 16 digital I/O channels, supporting any combination of inputs and outputs. Acromag 248-295-0880www.acromag.com
EXTREME I/OSiplus Extreme ET200SP distributed I/O system combines easy-to-use features with high efficiency even in harsh environments. The I/O requires approximately 50% less space than conventional I/O modules, and operates from -40 °C to +70 °C. It’s resistant to harmful gases, is protected against condensation, and operates at elevations from -1000 m to +5000 m.Siemens Industry Inc. www.siemens.com/siplus
POWER BOXThe new EP9214 power distributor box enables the local distribution and switching off of the power supply, and can supply up to four NEC Class-2 circuits via typical M8 plug connectors. It has complete diagnostics and control functionality for up to eight 24 VDC branches per power box. Equipped with 7/8-in. plug connectors, it maintains a total current of 16 A for each control. Beckhoff Automation 952-890-0000www.beckhoffautomation.com
DOUBLE-DECKER TERMINAL BLOCKSJust 5.2-mm to 6.2-mm wide, TopJob double-deck fuse and disconnect terminal blocks are up to 24% more compact than existing designs. They support process measurement applications requiring a common profile for feedthrough, disconnect/test and fusing of analog signals. They have four jumper slots per block and a 6.2-mm wide double-deck, fuse-disconnect model. Wago 800-346-7245www.wago.us
SIMPLIFIED CONNECTIVITYThree G11 Series AS-interface I/O modules simplify connectivity, and deliver the fastest analog-to-digital conversion available. Two modules offer two analog outputs each; one for 0-20 mA operation for flat-cable connectivity, and one for 0-20 mA operation with an M12 round connector. The third module offers four analog outputs of either 0-20 mA or 0-10 V for flat-cable connectivity. Pepperl+Fuchs 330-486-0001www.pepperl-fuchs.us
LOW-COST TERMINAL BLOCKSKonnect-It single-level terminal blocks handle currents up to 175 A, accept a wide range of wiring sizes from 26 AWG to 2/0 AWG, and have a 100kA SCCR rating. Double-level terminal blocks come in 20 A and 30 A versions and a variety of colors. Konnect-It triple-level terminal blocks handle up to 24A, and accept a wide range of wiring sizes from 24 AWG to 12 AWG. Automation Direct 770-889-2858www.automationdirect.com
16-CHANNELS, NO PROGRAMMINGMX-Series multiplexers have 4-20mA, 0-10Vdc, contact closures and RS-232/485 I/O module selections. The base unit connects directly to the fiberoptic cable. Power is supplied through an external 24-VDC power supply. Each base unit has a duplex optical port configured for use with 1300 nm wavelength and single- or multi-mode optical fiber. No programming is required.Ultra Electronics, NSPI 512-434-2800www.ultra-nspi.com
ETHERCAT MODULAR I/ONX-Series modular I/O uses distributed clock functions of the EtherCAT machine network to achieve high-speed deterministic control and real-time performance with microsecond accuracy and with nanosecond resolution. Digital I/O units range from two to 16 input or output points in just 12-mm width. A full range of analog I/O is available, with two to eight signals per unit. Omron Automation and Safety 866-88-OMRONwww.omron247.com


SMALL-FOOTPRINT PUSH-IN TERMINAL BLOCKSSTIO 2.5 series of push-in technology (PT) terminal blocks now includes a small-footprint version. The PTIO 1.5/S series is only 3.5-mm wide with a new top-level location for the power wiring. They’re available in three- and four-wire versions, and allow easy and fast termination of ferruled wire by simply pushing the wire for a complete termination. Phoenix Contact 800-322-3225www.phoenixcontact.com
DAQ AND CONTROLMAQ20 features 32 PID loops for each system communications module, software options, and a built-in Modbus and FTP server. The system consist of a family of DIN-rail-mounted, programmable, multi-channel signal conditioning I/O and communication modules that mount on a 35 x 7.5-mm, gull-wing DIN rail. A backbone mounts within the rail to provide power and communications. Dataforth 800-444-7644www.dataforth.com
PROCESS TERMINAL BLOCKSThe Allen-Bradley 1492-JP process terminal blocks provide a 45% space savings per signal loop, as compared to traditional solutions, while maintaining similar voltage and current ratings. The multifunctional design provides an integrated shielding connection in feed-through and fuse terminal blocks, removing the need for an additional grounding terminal block.Rockwell Automation www.rockwellautomation.com
PROFINET FOR I/OPACSystems RX3i I/O Profinet scanner enables GE’s most advanced I/O to be used as a distributed intelligent node. Combined with the PACSystems RX3i controller, it makes a high-performanceform factor for the most demanding applications. PAC8000 I/O Profinet scanner allows rugged I/O to be used in extreme temperature and corrosive environments. GE Intelligent Platforms www.ge-ip.com
STAINLESS STEEL I/OBL Compact I/O solution is available in a stainless-steel model to provide greater resistance to corrosion and other contaminants. It collects a variety of signals in a single, rugged node on a network. It makes it possible to obtain analog, digital, thermocouple, RTD, serial, RFID or a mixture of signal types in an on-the-machine device over EtherNet/IP, DeviceNet, CANopen and Profibus-DP.Turck 800-544-7769www.turck.us
NO MORE MARSHALLINGThe Foxboro Intelligent Marshalling solution features the Universal Fieldbus Module, a per-channel, configurable I/O module that supports a variety of analog and digital signal types. Each channel is software-configurable on a per-point basis with no extra hardware required. All configurations can be done at the workstation, which all but eliminates traditional marshalling panels. Invensys www.ion.invensys.com
UPGRADE LEGACY DIGITAL I/OThe G4D32EB2-UPG and G4EB2 I/O processors upgrade a legacy mistic or Pamux G4 digital I/O system on a serial network to operate as part of an Ethernet/TCP-based control system without needing to replace or modify existing I/O or field wiring. When upgraded, digital I/O can be accessed over a standard Ethernet network, and included as part of a control program or custom software application.Opto 22 800-321-6786www.Opto22.com
FIVE FOR REMOTE I/OAdam-6117PN eight-channel isolated analog input, Adam-6150PN 15-channel isolated digital I/O, Adam-6151PN 16-channel isolated digital input, Adam-6156PN 16-channel isolated digital output Profinet modules, and Adam-6160PN six-channel isolated relay Profinet modules are designed with 2500 VDC isolated protection, making them very resistant to field interference. Advantech Industrial Automation800-205-7940www.advantech.com/ea
WIRELESS FOR REMOTE SITESWNM wireless network module is an accurate and reliable solution for sending process signals between remote field sites. Operating at standard frequencies of 902-928MHz or 2.4-2.4835GHz, it doesn’t require a regulatory license, and can be installed without performing costly RF site surveys. Models are available for Ethernet and serial (RS-485) communication networks. Moore Industries-International 818-894-7111www.miinet.com
SMART SERIAL I/OR1200 series of smart serial RS-485 remote I/O offers the benefit of simple wiring, as they only use two wires to communicate with the controller or other RS-485 devices. It uses the EIA RS-485 communication protocol and 3 kV DC I/O isolation between I/O channels, RS-485 port and power circuits and is ESD- and EFT-compliant CE/FCC, UL 508 certification. Moxa 888-MOXA-USAwww.moxa.com

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