Remote Access

Remote Access

Edge solution conquers connectivity challenges

Remote vision, inspection and detection solution is powered by advancing edge computing
Mobile Access

Omlox standard unifies positioning, coordinates real-time location services

Where is the damned thing!?! It's an eternal cry—no doubt uttered during every human endeavor. It's relieved when each much-needed tool, part, workpiece or other crucial item ...
Remote Access

Planning and preparation beats the pandemic

System integrator Panacea Technologies expands on digitalized infrastructure already in place to let staff work remotely and complete client projects
Mobile Access

COVID separations inspire alternative industrial network connections

San Luis Obispo's water department uses GE Digital's iFix HMI software, Proficy Operations Hub for run-time processes and web-based Proficy Webspace software to monitor and control...
Industrial Networks

Stronger industrial networks toughen pandemic responses

Nakayama Iron Works uses Ewon Cosy industrial VPN gateways from HMS Networks to interface with Keyence and Panasonic PLCs, HMIs and IP cameras
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A faster path to remote visibility

For industrial machine builders, end-users and service providers alike, visibility into the status and performance of remote assets was—and still is—the original “killer app” ...
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How Cobb Water prevents pump burn-out

After taking on responsibilities for nine surrounding districts, Cobb Area Water District in Lake County, Calif., turned to remote monitoring to provide a more efficient and cost...
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Will your remote monitoring solution scale as needed?

Certarus’ business is built around their mission to displace more emission intensive fuels—such as diesel and propane—with low-carbon compressed natural gas (CNG) and renewable...

The age of software-defined control

Automation’s continued evolution is a vital lever for speed to market and sustainability
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Creating new digital services? Here’s what to consider

Industrial machine builders, OEMs and equipment distributors, are acutely aware of the importance of digitizing their businesses. According to Deloitte, the average operating ...
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The impact of remote monitoring for CNG Direct

CNG Direct, headquartered in Southern California, is a leader in the sale and transport of compressed natural gas. Whether standing in for a utility company during scheduled repairs...