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WBF 2006 North American Conference

Feb. 20, 2006
This page contains all the available White Papers from the 2006 WBF North American Conference sorted by session topic.
THE WBF is a non-profit organization formed to promote understanding of manufacturing processes, concepts, methods, technologies, and standards, and to provide its membership a competitive edge in today's world market. The organization is dedicated to promoting the exchange of information related to the management, operation, and automation of manufacturing facilities and processes.
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White Papers Sorted by Session Topic 

Standards & Alliances Update

High Performance Material Additions for Batching
By Doug Fagaly, E-Technologies Group

The Automated Plant

Managing Complex Equipment Status in a GMP Environment
Mark Albano, Thomas Farenholtz, and Steve Zarichniak, Honeywell

Software Modularity: A Powerful Tool for Packaging Automation
By Tom Jensen, ELAU, Inc., and Leif Jurgensen, ELAU AG

Applying ISA S88 to Software Migration Engineering
By Allen Benton, PRIME Integration and Mike Williams, Dow Chemical Inc.

S88 Isn't Just for Batches Anymore
By Adam Maki and Robert Zaun, Rockwell Automation

Fast and Efficient Configuration & Integration of Automation Solutions in a Global Perspective: A Practical Approach
By Leif Poulsen, NNE A/S

A Case Study for Batch Integration in a Specialty Chemical Facility
By Shawn Hull and Andy Robinson, Avid Solutions

Jazz Up Your Batch Projects
By Frede Vinther, NNE A/S

Plant to Enterprise Integration (P2E)

ISA 95 Business Case Evolves Through Application & Methodologies
By Charlie Gifford, GE Fanuc Automation Americas and Paresh Dalwalla, OpteBiz 

By Chris Monchinski, Automated Control Concepts, Inc.

ISA 95 Implementation Best Practices Workflow Descriptions Using B2MML Applications
By Costantino Pipero, Beeond, Inc. and Kishen Manjunath, Honeywell Process Solutions

Case Studies

Using General Recipes for Standardized Multiple Plant Manufacturing Science
By Dennis Brandl, BR&L Consulting, Inc.; Rob Burrows and Velumani Pillai, Pfizer 

The Road to Full MES Integration: Practical Experience from the Pharmaceutical Industry
By Niels Andersen, NNE A/S

Looking to the Future

How Applying the S88 Standard Today Will Prepare You for a Transition to MES Tomorrow
By Martin Michael, Advanced Automation, Inc.

Professional Concerns

Teaching Manufacturing Strategies & Structures in Higher Education
By Charlotta Johnsson and Carl-Henric Nilsson, Lund University

The Case for a New Kind of Lawyer: The Technology Construction Lawyer
By Shawna Meyer Eikenberry and Mark Voigtmann, Baker & Daniels, LLP

Automation Techniques

A Comprehensive Model for Manufacturing Analytics
By Louis Halvorsen, Northwest Analytical, Inc.

SCADA Upgrade Project: Lean Computer Validation Through a Risk-based Approach, a Case Study
By Peter Christensen, NNE A/S

Risk-based Engineering Assessment & Qualification, a Case Study
By Chinmoy Roy and Tom Johannessen, Genentech, Inc

Automation Tools

Business Integration Scenarios
By Dennis Brandl, BR&L Consulting, Inc. and Dave Emerson, Yokogawa Corporation of America

Benefits of Integrating PAM & Production Management Systems
By J. Ruhe, ABB

Applying ISA 99 & ISA 88 Principles: An Often Overlooked Aspect of Manufacturing & Packaging Systems Integration
By Shane Loughlin and Garvan McFeeley, UrmaSys Limited

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