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Temperature Transmitter with advanced diagnostics

FCG Prod EHEndress+Hauser’s iTEMP TMT162 is a temperature transmitter that is designed to meet the highest demands in ruggedness, accuracy and diagnostic capabilities.

Available with aluminium or stainless steel housing, it has separate electronic and connection compartments for safe and quick installation. RTD, thermocouple, Ω and mV sensors can be connected. A large backlit display provides measurement, bargraph and diagnostic information. Certified transmitter versions are available with various types of Ex protection.

The transmitter supports two-channel operation with monitoring of redundancy and temperature drift as well as calculation of differential and average temperature. Sensor matching ensures the highest accuracy in critical applications.

iTEMP TMT162 is available with an ITK6-compliant Foundation Fieldbus interface, thus supporting field diagnostics. Error messages are sorted into four categories, each carrying additional information on cause and remedies. Sensor short-circuit, lead breakage and RTD/TC corrosion are all recognized. With this information, users can quickly identify and rectify faults, thus increasing plant availability.


Easily connect wired devices to wireless Systems

FCG Prod PFWirelessHART is used as an economical alternative to complex and costly cable installations. The impressive technology offers simple upgrading of existing field devices and uses new intelligent WirelessHART field devices. If you need flexibility, mobility, and efficiency, WirelessHART networks are the ideal solution.

Pepperl+Fuchs offers a new and expanded portfolio of products with the introduction of the newly acquired Mactek Bullet. This loop-powered WirelessHART adapter enables new and existing wired 4-20mA and HART field devices to communicate measurement, diagnostics and parameterization data wirelessly. The BULLET can be permanently installed by attaching it directly into a field device or anywhere on its current loop. It can harvest the necessary energy from a 4-20mA loop with very low voltage drop through a patented method. In addition, it has an encased antenna, which is a real benefit in rough areas.

The Bullet comes as a General Purpose version without any Ex certification, or as an Ex version with explosion-proof enclosure and IS circuits.


Protect Segments from Spur and Termination Faults

FCG Prod MooreMooreHawke TRUNKGUARD Device Couplers provide the most advanced electronic, fully auto-resetting spur short-circuit protection and auto-termination that prevents segment failure caused by single device faults. Designed for General Purpose, Non-Incendive  and Zone 1/2 applications, TRUNKGUARD Series 200 & 300 Device Couplers enable fast and easy implementation of fieldbus systems by connecting multiple devices to a main fieldbus trunk in Foundation fieldbus™ H1 and PROFIBUS PA networks. Available models handle four to 12 fieldbus devices.


Deadlines coming for Foundation Fieldbus and HART Training

FCG-Prod-FieldComm-trainingWhether writing DDs, developing device or protocol-specific features or just needing an introduction to digital device development for FDI, Foundation Fieldbus or HART, one of thse upcoming courses should fulfill your requirements.

For more:

Introduction to HART Protocol

Sept. 14-15,
Austin, TX, USA
Oct. 5-6, Düsseldorf, Germany

HART Fundamentals

Sept. 14-17,
Austin, TX, USA
Oct. 5-8, Düsseldorf, Germany

Intro to Foundation Fieldbus

Oct. 6, Austin, TX, USA
Dec. 8, Frankfurt, Germany

Advanced Principles of Foundation Fieldbus

Oct. 7-9,
Austin, TX, USA
Dec. 8-11, Frankfurt, Germany

Device Integration - Writing DD and FDI Package

Sept. 21-24,
Austin, TX, USA
Oct. 19-22, Düsseldorf, Germany

FDI-based device management software - FREE trial

FCG Prod ABBABB’s Field Information Manager (FIM) is the first FDI-based software for device management. Equipped with a high-performance and innovative graphical user interface, the software makes the configuration, commissioning, diagnostics and maintenance of fieldbus instruments easier and quicker than ever before. For a limited time, ABB is offering a free trial.

To learn more and get your free trial download, visit

High Performance Smart Valve Positioner

FCG Prod AzbilThe Smart Valve Positioner 700 Series ensures safe plant operations by providing early detection of control valve abnormalities, allowing optimum valve maintenance scheduling. It detects abnormalities in shut-off, the actuator spring and the gland packing friction by measuring output pressure with a dedicated pressure sensor.


Next-Generation Mass Flowmeter With FieldCOMM Protocols

FCG Prod FCIThe next-gen ST100 Series Flow Meter for air/gas flow measurement and plant communication features both Foundation Fieldbus and HART.  The triple-variable instrument measures mass flow, temperature, and pressure. Totalized flow and pressure measurement up to 1000 psi (70 bar) is available. Its logger stores 21 million readings on a removable card.

Fluid Components International

Extremely communicative Valve Postioner

FCG Prod SiemensSIPART PS2 can be integrated with PROFIBUS PA, Foundation Fieldbus or HART protocols. It supports both EDD and DTM, and interoperates with the Siemens process control system SIMATIC PCS 7 and SIMATIC PDM, as well as other process control and asset management systems. Plant operators therefore benefit from the complete diagnostics range of the positioner.


Foundation Fieldbus and HART Training - Developer Course

FCG-Prod-FieldComm-trainingIntroduction to Foundation

December 8, Frankfurt, Germany

Advanced Principles of Foundation Fieldbus

December 8-11,
Frankfurt, Germany

Device Integration - Writing DD and FDI Package

October 19-22, Düsseldorf, Germany

For more information, visit

Simplify wide-area networks with a single access point

FCG Prod EmersonThe Smart Wireless Gateway 1552WU Wi-Fi access point connects WirelessHART sensors to the control network. Jointly developed with Cisco, the gateway is a mesh access point that simplifies Wi-Fi and WirelessHART installations, lowers costs and reduces deployment time. Users no longer have to run fiber optic cables for Ethernet communication to every WirelessHART Gateway.

Emerson Process Management

Gateway Integrates HART and Foundation devices

FCG Prod MicrocyberGateway G1013 is a gateway device for HART and Foundation Fieldbus protocols. As HART master, HART to Foundation Fieldbus Gateway G1013 communicates with a HART slave via HART interface, and it can convert dynamic variables in the device into Foundation Fieldbus device variables output.

Microcyber Corp.

HART multiplexer eases Ethernet integration

FCG Prod PhoenixGW PL ETH/-… Ethernet HART multiplexer is an up-to-date replacement for RS-485 HART multiplexers. A variety of expansion modules allow up to 40 HART devices to be connected to a single head station. It supports HART-IP, MODBUS TCP, and PROFINET mapping for easy HART device management using Ethernet.

Phoenix Contact

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