Eplan's Design Space Exchange

Design Space Exchange (DSE) supports data exchange between mechanical construction and control system technology in control cabinet and switchgear construction. The expansion module for Eplan Pro Panel Professional, developed by Eplan and MCAD specialists at affiliate Cideon, is available for the first time with Eplan Platform 2.4 and compatible with Autodesk Inventor 2014 and 2015. “Without the cabinet case, there is no mounting layout, and without the mounting layout, there is no final case design. This dilemma can now be resolved with the Design Space Exchange expansion module,” explains Thomas Weichsel, product manager at Eplan. DSE is based on a fully parametric 3D geometric data model of the mechanical design that takes into account the particular requirements for the installation location of the mounting panel or cabinet. DSE accesses the 3D CAD data of the control cabinet case design and makes it available to the Eplan Platform as the basis for the mounting layout using Eplan Pro Panel. The 3D mounting layout is created within this design space, referencing the automation concept from the electrical design. All electrical equipment intended for installation will be mounted virtually, taking into account spatial conditions and manufacturer specifications regarding minimum clearance.