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2019 Readers' Choice Awards

End users toast the companies that provide the best in process control

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Engineering, installing and maintaining automation systems for safe, efficient, quality production takes many talents. Along with a real grip on the technologies and techniques of process control, you must have a good understanding of manufacturing principles, finances, people and more. One of the most important tools in your belt is your hard-won knowledge of what works. Through real-world experience, you've found products and brands you can rely on to give the best combination of performance, ease of use, reliability and reasonable cost. But no single automation professional is an expert in every one of the myriad categories of process control hardware, software and…

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Voices: Ask The Experts

Can smart differential pressure cells be used for custody transfer?

Can you remotely control a liquified petroleum gas (LPG) fractionation process from a centralized control center?

Q: Can you remotely control a liquified petroleum gas (LPG) fractionation process from a centralized control center? The distance is 400 kilometers. If not, what are the high-risk reasons that necessitate having a local control room at the site of the fractionation process?Ahmed…

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  • Ancestors of device diagnostics

    By John Rezabek

    It was 1983, and detailed engineering for the project was in full swing. The goal: to extract then-valuable aromatic hydrocarbons—molecules containing the benzene ring—from a gasoline stream. The project required a significant number of gas chromatographs (GC): online analyzers for separating…

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  • Living with legacy systems

    By Jonathan Wilkins

    Do you remember when Pepsi debuted PepsiNatural in 2008? Made from lightly sparkling water and all-natural ingredients, it was set to be huge, until it was discontinued in 2010 due to poor sales. Let’s look further into the issue of discontinuation, but in relation to process control.There’s a…

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  • Reader feedback: February 2019

    I enjoyed your January column. Yes, all this rhetoric about electric vehicles is getting a bit complicated and specious, with kilowatthours per 100 miles, equivalent gasoline, CO2 emissions per mile, etc. Yes, electric cars have zero emissions in operation—sorta. Nobody says much about…

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  • At the IIoT crossroads

    By Gregory K. McMillan

    We are at a crucial junction. Yogi Berra famously said, “When you come to a fork in the road, take it.” When it comes to IIoT, we will, and there may be no looking back if we continue on what seems to be the more appealing path. Judging by the number of articles and even university programs…

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  • Resource guide: Level leverage

    Basic types education The 10-minute video, "Process control basics: level measurement," is presented by Control editor-in-chief Paul Studebaker, and is part of its Educational Video Series. It covers the difficulties of sensing levels, application issues, advantages and disadvantages of common…

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