Knowledge on demand - Part 1

Tapping into better, faster, more useful process information—for wiser decisions—can be easier than you think.

Knowledge on demand

We all know reach can exceed grasp, but at least in accessing and using process control information, many longtime hurdles are shrinking. Finally, knowledge-on-demand is closer at hand—physically, if not always mentally.The old chasms were often huge between plant-floor operations and other applications, such as utilities where production data is generated and central locations where users make decisions to improve their processes. Historically, this is because reaching many remote signals and parameters on legacy equipment was difficult, and establishing the networking and programming needed to get information back to users could be even harder.Fortunately, many…

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Industrial Networks

2018 State of Technology Report Industrial NetworksThe editors of Control have compiled the latest articles, case studies and trends on the topic of industrial networks in this new State of Technology report. Topics covered include: FDI technology, Ethernet, field-to-cloud technology and more. Download it here.


Our latest issue: April 2018

April 2018 Control Digital EditionUnlike in days of yore or in modern, but backward realms or quaint hierarchies, where crowns are inherited, bought or won by war or intimidation, new inductees to the Control Process Automation Hall of Fame are selected by their peers. Read the issue.


Voices: Ask The Experts

Vortex flowmeter calibration and rangeability

How can we determine the best size to balance accuracy against pressure drop?

Q: I have a question regarding vortex flowmeters and hope that you can clear it up. The line size is 3 in.; the flow is minimum 6 m³/hr, normal 20 m³/hr, maximum 22 m³/hr. The vendor suggested using a 3-in. Endress+Hauser (E+H) Prowirl vortex flowmeter with minimum flow 4.03 m³/hr, maximum…

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  • Latest Registered FOUNDATION Fieldbus and HART Products

    By FieldComm Group

      New Registered Devices Protocol Manufacturer Type Model/Device Name FOUNDATION Fieldbus ABB Automation Products GmbH Level Meter LMT100/200/300 HART DVG Automation SPA Valve Positioner ITVC intelligent total valve control HART General Monitors Inc. Flame Detector FL500 FOUNDATION…

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  • Yokogawa Process Control PLC: Further Distance and More I/O Points

    By FieldComm Group

    Thanks to new I/O extension module, Yokogawa’s process control PLC “STARDOM FCN-500” provides accurate measurement, reliable control, and asset management capabilities in a widespread area using FOUNDATION Fieldbus and HART communications.For more information, please visit the Yokogawa…

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  • ProComSol Delvers Mobile HART Communicator iOS App

    By FieldComm Group

    A full-featured HART Communicator App is now available for your iPhone or iPad. Because the App uses the Device Descriptors (DD) for the connected HART instrument, all instrument parameters including Methods are available to the user. The full DD library is also included.For more information,…

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