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Workforce Week

A series tackling the topic of workforce development in the process automation and control industries

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Forget waiting for next-generation engineers. Digitalization, IIoT and other technologies are changing so fast that current process industry personnel must get retrained now.In this series, we explore the widening skills gap, avoid brain drain and deal with the compounding challenges posed by these new technologies.  Check back every day this week for another installment in this series.    Day 1: Close the skills gap  Many potential operators and technicians—both young and old—are also looking to gain new skills, and get hired by process industry companies with better pay and chances to advance than in their present or former jobs. These individuals are doing…

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1909 IO Systems cover smallI/O Systems

In this eBook, you'll learn the latest trends about I/O systems, including distributing I/O, flexible I/O for digital, increasingly modular and digitalized I/O and related devices, large-scale enterprise integration, configurable I/O, and much more. Download it here.


CG1910 DE Tablet smallOur latest issue: October 2019

Is it possible to brace for a recession and forge ahead at the same time? The Top 50 biggest worldwide and North American process control and automation suppliers show how it's done. Read the issue.


Voices: Ask The Experts

Parsing pressure and temperature ratings

Will a fail-closed valve open when the downstream pressure exceeds the upstream pressure?

By Béla Lipták

Q: What is the difference between maximum allowable working pressure/temperature, maximum operating pressure/temperature, maximum allowable operating pressure/temperature, design pressure/temperature and storage pressure/temperature? Mehdi Manouchehri A: Following is an extract…

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  • Take a lifecycle view to optimize asset value

    Today’s industrial processes and manufacturing workflows are more complex, dynamic and interconnected than ever before. Optimizing the performance of these value chains requires both broad understanding of application context and automation technology as well as a lifecycle perspective that…

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  • Reliability personnel's growing role

    Christine LaFave Grace is joined by Ryan Chan, founder and CEO of Upkeep, a provider of CMMS and EAM tools as well as centers to support predictive maintenance.TranscriptAmanda Del Buono: Welcome back to Manufacturing Tomorrow’s Workforce, a podcast from Putman Media. I’m Amanda Del Buono, and…

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  • Resource guide: Workflows and collaboration made easier

    Definition, benefits of workflows—and videoThis online article "Save time by taking the time: creating workflows" at the Smartsheet work execution platform website includes: workflow definition, 10 unexpected benefits, key components, history, examples across industries, improvement theories,…

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  • Modern controls, system integrator automate rock crushing

    By Todd Timpa

    Impact Sand and Gravel is the leading supplier of aggregate and sand in the Las Vegas area, producing and distributing millions of tons of material to construction trades each year. The company began in the 1990s by brokering sand and gravel before eventually entering the production side of the…

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  • How to ensure intrinsic safety for wireless systems

    By Ian Verhappen

    Intrinsic safety (IS) is not always widely understood, at least not in North America, where other protection methods are more popular. However, the core principle of IS technology is to limit the energy entering the potentially explosive area below the level that could cause ignition, thus making…

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  • The future of automation systems

    By Dave Emerson

    The core building blocks of today’s industrial automation systems are basically the same as they were when the first distributed control systems (DCSs) and programmable logic controllers (PLCs) were developed in the 1970s: controllers, I/O, operator consoles, engineering stations and a network.

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