The argument for proactive process safety

You can't wait for legislators and business owners to care enough to help.

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If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. This old aphorism was never more true than when applied to process safety—at least in the U.S. and other backward regions.Lip service about valuing employees' lives and health masks often insufficient safety mechanisms and scant training in many process applications, facilities and industries. Intractable corporate cultures still view safety as a drag on productivity. Toothless federal, state and local regulations provide little if any prescriptive requirements, grandfather in potentially dangerous processes and facilities, and enforce after the fact with slaps on the wrist. And, despite an unending series…

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Butterfly valve positioning: Nonlinear torque requirements can cause misbehavior

If a valve opens and closes automatically (spontaneously) what does it mean?

Q: We have a 3-in. Samson model 3310-07 AT butterfly control valve on steam service, with a BR 31a (Pfeiffer) SRP 150-4 (normal close), rotating angle 90 +/- 4 ° with a Capable Positioner model 3731-321 00421 100010000 01 served by a filter regulator 4708. The valve is installed between block…

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  • ProComSol Delivers Mobile HART Communicator iOS App

    By FieldComm Group

    A full-featured HART Communicator App is now available for your iPhone or iPad. Because the App uses the Device Descriptors (DDs) for the connected HART instrument, all instrument parameters, including Methods, are available to the user. The full DD library is also included.For more information,…

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  • Microcyber WirelessHART Adapter Enables Device Wireless

    By FieldComm Group

    Microcyber’s A1110 WirelessHART Adapter can integrate a traditional instrument into a wireless network without requiring any developing work, and co-existence with the existing system doesn’t affect each other. The adapter can take electricity from a 4-20 mA loop and also use an external power…

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  • FCI Offers HART Compact Thermal Flow Meters

    By FieldComm Group

    Fluid Components International’s (FCI) compact thermal flow meter line has been expanded with a new electronics design that features the addition of HART, Version 7 and digital bus communication.The ST51A, ST75A and ST75AV thermal mass flow meter design combines all new surface-mount, lead-free…

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  • Endress + Hauser Provides Compact HART Transmitter for Analytics

    By FieldComm Group

    The latest addition to Endress+Hauser’s analytical portfolio is the Liquiline Compact CM82, a pen-shaped transmitter only 110 mm long and 20 mm in diameter. It is designed for use with plug-in Memosens sensors, measuring pH, ORP and conductivity as well as dissolved oxygen and chlorine. Versions…

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  • Emerson Adds HART 7 Position Transmitter Option for Switchbox Users

    By FieldComm Group

    Emerson has introduced a HART 7 position transmitter option for its TopWorx D-Series switchbox. The addition of the HART 7 Communications Protocol enables advanced diagnostic and monitoring capabilities for valve integrators and automators. It helps improve operational efficiency and maintenance…

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