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Top 50 Automation Companies of 2017: Digitalization takes over

The IIoT is transforming the Top 50 into software and services companies

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All the wells, mines, platforms, refineries, plants, columns, pipelines, sensors, analyzers and instruments are still chugging away as usual. Everything else is changing. Everything, that is, related to data acquisition, monitoring, process control, analytics, modeling, simulation and optimization, which are quickly moving into software, Ethernet-based, Internet protocol (IP) networking, and server-based data processing. This storm surge of digital transformation, driven by the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), cloud computing, advanced analytics and the push to managed services, continues to transform how the Top 50 biggest worldwide and North American automation…

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Level Measurement, Part II

The latest eBook from Control continues the conversation about level measurement. In this eBook, you will find a collection of articles covering various aspects of level measurement. Download it here.

New Quizzes! Test your control knowledge

Greg McMillan and Control Global test your process automation control knowledge in ControlGlobal Quizzes. New quizzes are released every two weeks. The first five quizzes are now live! Test your smarts.

Our latest issue: October 2018

The storm surge of digital transformation continues to transform how the Top 50 biggest worldwide and North American automation suppliers do business. Read the issue.

On demand: Live streamed panel discussion with safety experts

Now available on demand, this interactive panel of process safety experts explore profitable safety, process safety and digital strategy, IIoT and process safety, and more. Watch on demand.

Voices: Ask The Experts

How to optimize pumping cost

Use a variable-speed pump and minimize valve pressure drops.

Q: Delivery of transmix fuel to two separation towers is being upgraded. Coriolis meters were installed and are currently functioning. Two PID flow control loops currently maintain flow. The transmix liquid passes through a series of heat exchangers on its way to the towers. It is estimated that…

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  • A practical path to standardized field device integration

    By Ted Masters, President and CEO, FieldComm Group

    With all the hype about Industry 4.0, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and other global advanced information initiatives, it’s hardly surprising that suppliers are promoting products that highlight readiness for digitalizatian. Many solutions are available to take advantage of process…

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  • MRPL wins Plant of the Year

    By FieldComm Group

    Brave poker players go “all in” to show their confidence in their cards. Equally bold process engineers demonstrate similar commitment when they implement steadily increasing ratios of advanced digital communication protocols like HART, WirelessHART and FOUNDATION Fieldbus. However, only…

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  • Product roundup: Process analyzers

    Phosphorus online is fasterLiquiline CA80TP analyzer for wastewater measures phosphorus online as accurately as a lab analyzer, but dramatically reduces time to obtain results. CA80TP uses thermal  digestion along with colorimetric analysis, requiring only a small quantity of reagents. It…

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  • Standards deliver the interoperability promised by OPAF and NAMUR

    By FieldComm Group

    The well-known "building block” metaphor may be slightly overused by now, but it’s never been more true than illustrating how the FieldComm Group’s protocols and technologies form the base of the two latest openness and interoperability efforts in the process industries. This is…

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  • Wireless technology ready for industrial prime time

    Now some 15 years on, the earliest use-case scenario for in-plant wireless instrumentation was the incremental measurement point. In any brownfield facility, the cost of running wire for a desirable new measurement point was often an order of magnitude higher than the transmitter itself, calling…

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